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This year International Student Conference provides You a unique experience in online workshops and virtual tours around Rīga un Rīga Stradiņš University.

Online health care workshops (also if you are not health science student you can apply and learn something new!)

Please pay attention that some of the workshops are marked as “ZOOM +“! Theses workshops is provided for RSU students that are already staying in Latvia because as organizers we will send you special packages that will help you to practice your skills at home during workshop!

Nr.Time, place TopicField DescriptionParticipants
Keep an eye out for safety, don’t get blinded by bad habits!OphthalmologyDoctors will demonstrate videos from different ophthalmic surgeries and will talk through them. There will be the possibility to discuss different techniques and approaches. Also there will be a chance to ask your own questions!Unlimited!
Imagine yourself in place of a maxillofacial surgeon and learn the basis of implant 3D planning!Dentistry & Maxillofacial surgeryDid you know that the diameter of dental implants usually is about 4 millimeters? While visiting this workshop you will get to know how and where to place such a tiny structure by using the newest 3D technologies and real cases!30
When you are not sure, if you are hearing the beeps, just imagine them!OtorhinolaryngologyAudiometry screening is an otorhinolaryngologist’s day-to-day routine. This workshop will give you a chance to refresh the existing knowledge and improve your audiogram reading abilities.16
Remember, touch and proper communication are essential for a child’s neurodevelopment!Neonatology & PediatricsDon’t miss the opportunity to learn from the best! On the 22nd of March in the workshop “Neonatal handling”, you will get to know how to position a child during and after feeding, learn about the breastfeeding, newborn – friendly carrying, dressing, bathing, massage techniques and communication the right way. 25
50 shades of gray a.k.a. basics of gynecological ultrasonography – sounds great, right?GynecologyWe are willing to provide you with fundamental knowledge as well as to give you some tips and tricks on how to learn and understand gynaecological ultrasound technique and findings.16
Try out diagnostics of psychiatric disorders!PsychiatryDuring this workshop participants will have a chance to try out the basic steps of diagnostics in psychiatry. We will examine different symptoms and try out diagnostic scales and questionnaires. It will be interesting and fun!16
Propranolol is red, 
Digoxin is blue, 
The patient’s decompensating, 
‘Cause the colors ain’t always true.
PharmacologyIn our workshop your medical team quickly has to manage the patient and choose the right pharmacotherapy for achieving desired effect. Can you help our virtual patients in different scenarios? Join us and find out!25
Stay CALM…what’s the procedure?General medicine Imagine you received an urgent online call from an unknown doctor, located in a remote village. He has a patient with an emergency and he is totally desperate. He asks for your online guidance so the patient’s life could be saved! 16
Learning the spinal tap “dance”! Neurology Have you ever wanted to learn the spinal tap from the comfort of your own home? In 2021 this dream has become a reality! By applying for the spinal tap workshop, you will receive your personal spinal tap simulator and be able to learn the procedure via ZOOM from our mentor neurologist Dr. Jānis Vētra. Don’t miss your opportunity to get the cerebrospinal fluids flowing!20
Hey, Scientist!
Practice Your surgery skills online!
Surgery In a 2 hours long practical session You will have a chance to acquire and establish some useful skills in plastic surgery in supervision of a trained professional. All of the training will be done on biomaterial to equate conditions as close as possible to the real life conditions at the clinic. Number of participants is limited! Do not miss this opportunity!15
To biopsy or not to biopsy? Let’s find out together and upgrade our skills in skin biopsy!DermatologyOpportunity to deepen your knowledge and gain practical skills in dermatosurgery! This workshop will cover the theoretical basis of skin biopsy techniques as well as hands-on experience practicing local anesthesia, punch biopsy, excisional technique and wound closure15
Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart /Winnie the Pooh/CardiologyEchocardiography workshop for cardiology enthusiasts. The workshop will provide an insight into the main theoretical and practical basics of echocardiographic investigation, with an opportunity for a discussion and question session. Brief theoretical introduction highlighting the most important aspects of investigation will be followed by live stream practical demonstration, carried out by attractive and professional colleagues. Unlimited
Are you passionate about internal medicine?Internal MedicineThis workshop will focus on unusual and interesting cases that an internist may encounter in everyday practice. Here you will gain confidence in the management of complex medical presentations and conditions.16
Hey doctor, are You interested in oncology? Would you like to become a detective?OncologyWe’re offering young specialists an opportunity to test themselves by solving complex oncological mysteries. A plenty of riddles, illustrations and patient investigations await you!
You will also obtain a lot of valuable information from Latvian oncologists and radiologists about treatments, diagnostics and the future of patient management.
See you in the workshop!
Does PCR Stands for Process of COVID-19 Reveal?Microbiology Have you ever wondered, what happens after that nasty stick is removed from your nose? How can the doctors answer the big question “Am I COVID-19 positive ot not?” Let’s have a look at the Joint Laboratory of Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital to reveal the truth!Unlimited

Health care workshops that will be organized in person (only for participants who are already staying in Latvia)

These workshops will be provided only for those who are staying in Latvia and in small groups!

Nr.Time, placeTopicFieldDescriptionParticipants
(In person)
Mission: Possible – Abdominal UltrasoundRadiology1. Learn tips and tricks of basic ultrasonography principles 
2. Rewise and recognize normal anatomy
3. Practise and test your skills on a real person!
(In person)
We are right here- on the front line!Anesthesiology and reanimatologySomebody suffers a cardiac arrest at the Emergency Department with confirmed COVID-19. Now we’re working in a zone! This is no ordinary school! We need you too!8

Online personal development workshops!

Join different workshops that will help you to gain knowledge in different fields. Workshops are provided form our sponsors!

Nr.Time, placeTopicDescriptionParticipants
‘’Is sex a synonym to orgasm?’’
– workshop about sexual health and gender roles in sexual pleasure
 by Jurijs Ohrimenko (SexyStyle Sales director) *
Join this workshop to find out answer to question ‘’Is sex a synonym to orgasm?’’ and other useful things for a healthy sex life. Break the tabu and feel free to participate! How to give and receive orgasm? What is healthy sex? Both fun and important information about sexual health included. Explore secrets of sexual pleasure together with SexyStyle! 
14:00 – 15:30 (ZOOM)
How to deal with a patient? Psychological tricks & tips by dr. Artūrs MiksonsHave you been thinking what is the safest way for successful communication with a patient? How to calm worries and anxiety for others? In this workshop experienced psychotherapist dr. Miksons will give you tricks & tips for communication on a regular basis with a patient. You will have an opportunity to follow up the typical cases and learn the best actions for anger, anxiety, sadness, and other emotions to deal with. Both medical fields and non-medical students are welcomed.40
13:00 – 14:00
Mindfulness workshop by Ansis J. StabingisMindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. It is an important ability nowadays and lack of it can impact our psychological and physical health as well. Learn more about mindfulness in this workshop! Get introduced to mindfulness by an experienced specialist of mindfulness – Ansis J. Stabingis. Unlimited
16:00 – 17:30
Speciality coffee -what’s so special about it? by Kalve coffeeKalve is a novel coffee roastery in Latvia founded by a team of coffee professionals with the aim of developing and strengthening the culture of coffee production, preparation and enjoyment. If you are an experienced coffee-drinker or just enjoy coffee occasionally – this is a good place to learn something new!  In this workshop we will learn about the specialty coffee and difference between it and commercial one. What contributes to the taste of the coffee and what makes truly special coffee? Join the workshop and find out!Unlimited