The upcoming Riga Stradiņš University International Student Conference in “Health and Social Sciences” 2024 will be held on 21st-22nd of March, 2024 at Rīga Stradinš University, Dzirciema Street 16 in Riga, Latvia.
This year we mark the 10th time we welcome not only local but also international students from all over the globe to participate with their wide spectrum scientific researches in various fields.

Both local and international students will participate with their research work in various sections of medical and social sciences. RSU ISC 2024 is not just any regular conference, it is made by students from a non-profit organisation that aims to promote student research and establish Latvia as the center of student research activity in the Baltics. Throughout our two day conference we therefore offer a stimulating venue for student research exchange and give students the opportunity to broaden their social and scientific network.

Our scientific programme includes oral, poster and case report sessions and students have the opportunity to present in front of an international and professional audience. Along with these student sessions there will be fascinating keynote lectures, plenary sessions and new and innovative hands-on workshops. This year, we are also hosting a series of fascinating events, opening doors to new interdisciplinary opportunities for our participants. Along with a rich scientific programme we also have and interesting social programme, filled with different activies, for example, tours and parties giving a chance for all the participants to get to know and have fun with each other.

We would love to share this expierence with you!