The pandemic has highlighted unresolved issues in various areas of life. One of them is communication. Stereotypes, emotions and conspiracy theories flooding social media have already sparked talk of infodemia, disinfodemia and lack of audience media literacy in the first weeks after the pandemic was announced. Media technologies have gradually replaced the audience’s ability to directly control reality, artificial intelligence and virtual reality offer new and new audience manipulations. How not to lose the sense of reality? How to fight lies and nonsense in health publications? How can virtual reality technologies reduce the spread of conspiracy theories and misinformation? What are the most effective solutions to improve people’s media literacy in the age of false news? How media tools can help to better evaluate and understand media information about health. Participate in a 24-hour hackathon and create your own solution – VR game or app!

On March 20 and 21, within the RSU Science Week, a hackathon “V * at is R * eal” will take place, organized by the RSU Student Self-Government together with the RSU Business Incubator B-Space and the RSU Faculty of Communication.

Students of various fields of RSU and other universities are invited to participate in Hackaton – students of medicine, public health, psychology, pedagogy, communication, media, journalism, multimedia, new media and technology, as well as other interested people who want to learn VR technologies and promote their media literacy and critical thinking and creating new tools for teaching media literacy in collaboration with experienced mentors and experts.

Grand Prize: Paid trip to Brussels for two nights for the whole team!

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