Summer International Radiology Course 2020

Let us introduce our partners RÉSONNEZ and their big project - the Summer International Radiology Course 2020 (SIRC20), held in Poznań, Poland in July of 2020!

Summer International Radiology Course 2020 is one of the viable summer school options left in 2020!

This is a 7-day workshop that will cover the theoretical and practical aspects of multidisciplinary radiology - X-ray, USG, CT, MRI, and Interventional radiology. The course will be taught in English, by experienced clinicians and radiologists, with a focus on interpretation of diagnostic images and practical handling of radiological equipment.

All radiology equipment for the course will be provided by Canon TMS Polska and Bertz Medical. RÉSONNEZ is also official partners with IFMSA-Poland Poznań and the American Medical Students' Association (AMSA) - PUMS chapter, as well as the e-learning platform Lecturio, and the acclaimed publishing house Thieme Medical Publishers. 

We're confident that interest in the Summer International Radiology Course and charismatic city, Poznań, will only continue to increase!

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The Organising Committee looking forward to meeting you in Poznań!