Let us introduce our partners RÉSONNEZ and their big project - the Summer International Radiology Course 2020 (SIRC20), held in Poznań, Poland in July of 2020!

Jūl 2020


MikroTik is a Latvian company that provides hardware and software for Internet connectivity in most of the countries around the world and also is known for their support of medical sciences, especially oncology.

Jūl 2020

Special prizes


Jūl 2020

ISC 2020 Winners

ISC 2020 WINNERS - Health sciences

Unfortunately, Agnis Jakubovičs won’t be able to join ISC 2020 as a Keynote speaker, but we have a wonderful and up to date solution –  Dr. sc. pol. Una Bērziņa – Čerenkova. Here’s a reminder of who our brilliant keynote speakers will be: Prof. Andis Graudiņš “Paracetamol poisoning – risk assessment and treatment” Dr. sc. pol. Una Bērziņa – Čerenkova  “In Sickness and in Health: what has COVID-19 taught us about

Double check your session and presentation date and time Prepare a computer, webcam and headphones for best video and audio quality Download Zoom application  Practice the following functions on Zoom: unmute, screen share, raise hand Join the session 20 minutes prior to the start.  You will receive the link to your session on March 26th!

❗️Taking into consideration the recent developments with the CoVID virus, ISC will be held online! Active participants will have the opportunity to present their research electronically. Further information will be sent by e-mail. Passive participants will have the chance to follow the conference via online streaming. We kindly ask passive participants not to attend the conference sessions and workshops. We are sorry for any inconvenience! 

Jūl 2020

Grand prix

In order to celebrate our 70th anniversary, all 1st place winners of the 17 Health Science sessions will participate in the Grand Prix final on March 28th at 15 o’clock in the RSU Great Hall! The finalists will be announced on Saturday, March 28th at 11 o’clock. The three winners of the Grand Prix final will receive: Certificate of Recognition Prize money up to 200€ A Littmann stethoscope from Arbor

The time has come to apply for workshops, mastershops and tours of ISC 2020!❗️Make sure your chosen tours and workshops do not overlap❗️Active participants, do consider the time of your presentation: https://isc.rsu.lv/programme/schedule❗️All participants can choose to participate in a total of 2 workshops and mastershops (2 workshops, 1 workshop and 1 mastershop or 2 mastershops)❗️The number of tours you can participate in is unlimited. The schedule for workshops is here: https://isc.rsu.lv/programme/workshops See

Jūl 2020

Court Quest

Repeating the events included in last year’s International Student conference, this year the Court quest will be organised once more for both Riga Stradiņš university’s Faculty of Law students and other students from separate institutions of higher education. The Court quest’s aim is to raise awareness about processes in the Administrative court, interpretation of regulatory enactments, as well as to promote interest in this particular field of law by understanding