Can I participate with more than one presentation?

Yes. One active participant can submit an unlimited number of abstracts in all topics, except only one case report regardless of topic. Each abstract has to be submitted separately.

How should I format my abstract?

Abstract formatting instructions can be found in the Abstract Requirements sub-section.

How do I submit my abstract?

See the step-by-step tutorial HERE

Where do I list the supervisors on my abstract application form?

List the supervisors among the other authors and mark them with a star "*". DO NOT list them anywhere else in order for us to be able to keep the abstracts anonymous for the jury.

What is the largest acceptable number of authors of one abstract?

Please denote the leading author and all the co-authors (no matter how many).

Where do I list the keywords of my abstract?

Add the keywords to the objectives part of the application.

Do you offer grants for funding fees such as accomodation and travel expenses for active participants?

Unfortunately, we do not have grants for these purposes.

Are transportation and accommodation fees covered by the organising committee?

Accommodation is not covered by the organising committee, but there are the following options:

For info on public transport in Rīga, please visit section About Riga

May I send my abstract in a language other than English, i.e., have it translated after is accepted?

As this is an international conference with English as its official language, all the abstracts should be written in English.

I am PhD student. May I participate in your conference?

Sorry, only those who are studying for a Bachelor's or Master's degree may participate. Residents are not accepted!