Social programme

RSU International student conference is not just a place where students come from all over the globe to present their scientific work and achievements. It is a place for all kinds of exciting activities and events where international and latvian students, as well as passive participants of the conference have a chance to participate.

Events and tours to well-known Latvian companies that work in health and social science fields:

* For active participants :all submissions for social programme tours  will be open February 1st.

* For passive participants : in case of available spots, if you register until February 15, you will have a chance to attend the Social programme

*** Names of activities in blue are clickable.

Tour: Brand design studio "Overpriced"

Brand design studio «Overpriced» is the first in Latvia to draw a clear line between graphic and brand design. All of their work is based on a well thought out brand strategy and often complemented with illustration – one of the «Overpriced» signature traits.

«Overpriced» believes that brand design is a multi-discipline that makes use of brand strategy, creative direction and graphic design. It’s not just about moving around pixels; it is about telling the brand story in the most honest and unique way.

Time: 16 March, 16.00-17.00

Language of the tour - ENGLISH

Tour: Digital Content Marketing Agency "New Black"

New Black is a digital content marketing agency, a bridge between a brand and it’s target audience. New Black works with brands to help them reach their target audience in the most effective way possible. Learn about the company and a case study on one of the largest PR campaigns in Latvia in the last 5 years delivered to you by Arturs Mednis, expert of new media and digital marketing and the CEO of New Black.
Learn about the campaign and it's results and see what happens behind-the-scenes!
Time: 16 March, 14.00-16.00
Language of the case study - LATVIAN 

Tour: Institute of Anatomy and Anthropology

The Institute of Anatomy and Anthropology at Rīga Stradiņš University or Theatrum Anatomicum is the place where future physicians are forged; it is an essential stop on the road to becoming a physician. Premises of the RSU AAI Museum house noteworthy collections of anatomical, histological, embryological preparations and anatomical replicas, in total over 1000 exhibits that include tissues affected by different diseases, congenital anomalies and other pathologies.

The Institute of Anatomy and Anthropology has recently been renovated and re-opened in December of 2017.

Apply starting February 1st to visit The Institute of Anatomy and Anthropology and have a tour of the Museum! We highly recommend for Social science students to visit the museum, too!

Time: `16 March, 16.00-17.00, 17.00-18.00

Language of the tour - ENGLISH & LATVIAN

Tour: Grindex

“Grindeks” is an international, vertically integrated pharmaceutical company. Main fields of action include research, development, manufacturing and sales of original products, generics and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Visit the premises of “Grindeks” and see the production process of active pharmaceutical ingredients, the final dosage forms and the quality control laboratory!

Time: 16 March, 

Language of the tour - LATVIAN and ENGLISH

Tour: Centrālā Laboratorija

Visit one of the most biggest and modern laboratories in Baltic States! Learn about the laboratory examinations and see how Central Laboratory maintains it's quality level  high daily since 1995. The tour will be led by the head of the Laboratory Uģis Bērs. 

Time: 16 March, 14.00-15.30, 15.30-17.00

Language of the tour - ENGLISH & LATVIAN

Tour: Old Riga

From late Romanesque and Gothic architecture that has been part of the city's oldest structures since the beginning of the 13th century, to the buildings of the 19th century. Follow the history of Riga step-by-step in this guided tour along the narrow streets of the Medieval Hanseatic Old Town.

Language of the tour - ENGLISH

Tour: Local's Riga

Riga has so much to offer away from the historical center: quaint eateries with unusual yet very affordable cuisine, nice shops with Latvian design and hidden markets, and underground concerts.

Discover the hidden gems of Riga and see where the locals hang out!

Language of the tour - ENGLISH

Event: Early Bird Meeting at Pub Folkklubs Ala

Are you arriving to Riga on Thursday, March 16, and would like to have a chat with other participants and make some friends before the conference? Come and have a drink in the most authentic Latvian tavern with a modern twist!

See you March 15, at 19:00 in Peldu street 19!

Event: International dinner

Spend Friday evening of the conference with great conversations in a pleasant atmosphere.  Take part in our International dinner together with all the other young scientists and the members of jury. Lovely evening and tasty food (starter, main course and dessert) is guaranteed!

Where: Restaurant Klīversala at the Castle of Light - National Library of Latvia.

When: 19.30, March 16th

Fee: 20 Eur 

More to be added soon!

Stay tuned!